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La Dolda

At LA DOLDA we handcraft our fresh pasta following ancient recipes of the northern Italian tradition. Our pasta is made with 100% organic flour imported from Italy. We make everything from scratch with love, passion and dedication. Our sauces and ravioli fillings are made using suppliers from selected farms in order to guarantee the best ingredients nature has to offer. We follow the highest standard possible when selecting our ingredients: never persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, antibiotics, added growth hormones, artificial colors, artificial flavors and added sugars.

Pasta is not only food, it’s joy and fun. You can appreciate our pasta and sauces to go. Entertain Family and Friends by cooking our pasta for them, expressing the Italian that is in you or, if you don’t have time, we are happy to cook for you and your loved ones!

Finally, we also offer dry pasta in 1 lb. packages. Only bronze dies are used for the extrusion process, giving the pasta the ideal “rough” texture that enables sauces to cling to the pasta. Drying takes place at low temperatures, over 18 hours, to preserve the nutritional and sensory qualities of the product. The pasta is packaged by hand to ensure it is not damaged.

We are open for takeout.

Walk ins welcomed.
    “Life is a combination of Magic and Pasta”
- Federico Fellini -


PLEASE NOTE: La Dolda is now open and the temporary hours are: Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 6 pm - Thank you!

La Dolda
La Dolda
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