Retail Store Closed

Retail Store Closed

We regret to inform you that we have closed our retail location as of Saturday, December 16th. Thank you to all of you for your business and friendship; it has been a pleasure to share with you our passion for artisanal pasta!

But, we have good news; we will continue to offer our dried pasta online for you to enjoy at home! As you know, all La Dolda pasta is made in-house with 100% organic flour (non-GMO) from Italy. Only bronze dies are used for the extrusion process, and the dies are cooled with water to prevent the pasta from overheating to give the pasta the ideal “rough” texture, enabling sauces to cling to the pasta. Drying takes place at low temperatures, over 18 hours, to preserve the nutritional and sensory qualities of the product. The pasta is packaged by hand to ensure it is not damaged. Check out our online store for easy ordering and home delivery.

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