Organic Flour & Fresh Ingredients

A Holistic Approach

Too much of the pasta commercially available in the U.S. is over-processed, over-sauced, loaded with cheese and served in enormous portions. Food connoisseurs who have traveled to Italy know that Italians eat sensible portions, lightly sauced. High-quality pasta is an integral part of a healthy, balanced diet in Italy.

La Dolda uses ONLY 100% organic flour imported directly from Italy to make our artisanal pasta, and the resulting product is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates.  We source local organic ingredients whenever possible – the best ingredients nature has to offer!

Gluten-Free Alternatives

La Dolda offers a selection of gluten-free pasta as well. Please note that, as this pasta is prepared using the same kitchen equipment as our other pastas, it may contain trace amounts of wheat, so is not intended for Celiac diets.